Our Just Add Beer Podcast is a collaboration between Sharp’s Brewery and a pool of talented chefs, putting beer on the table alongside easy-to-make, lip-smacking recipes. 

Beer is thousands of years old and we truly believe that there is a beer for every palate, every dish and every occasion – whether you want to throw a fancy dinner party or kick back and watch a sports game with friends. In the same way that photos evoke memories of special occasions, so do certain foods and flavours. Marrying the right food with the right beer, and putting it in the mix with friends and family at birthdays, BBQs and festive occasions, creates unforgettable experiences that spike our senses.

The podcast is hosted by Sharp's in-house beer sommelier and foodie, Ed Hughes,  who'll be joined weekly by some of the finest chefs with roots in Cornwall. It’s become Ed's mission to educate and inspire people about the modern, mouth-watering fusion of beer and food. Beer shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be at the heart of any dining experience. So the aim of our podcast, Just Add Beer, is to turn the pint drinking culture on its head, put beer on its rightful pedestal and have you swapping your Pinot for a Pilsner at the dinner table.



Ep. 11 Alan Bird

Lured to Cornwall by childhood memories of Cornish pasties, saffron buns, crab sandwiches and Cor...
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Ep. 10 James Knappet

2 Michelin Star Chef, James Knappett, has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world. He...
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Ep. 9 Steve Marsh

This week, Ed is joined by Chef Steve Marsh. He shares some useful tips on a simple and delicious...
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Ep. 8 Henk de Villiers Ferreira

Our dear friend Henk talks of his random trip to Cornwall years ago and never looked back. We rem...
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Ep.7 Stephane Delourme

In Ep 7, Chef royalty, Stephane Delourme, shares one of his Just Add Beer recipes alongside his l...
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Ep 6. Paul Ripley

In episode 6, “Mr Humble” (Chef Paul Ripley) is one of Cornwall’s first Michelin Star Chefs and o...
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Ep 5. Jude Kereama

Hailing from New Zealand, Jude quit the London rat race to open Kota and Kota Kai in Cornwall. Br...
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Ep 4. Paul Ainsworth (p2)

A name that rolls off the tongue as one of the most famous chefs in Cornwall, Paul is the talent ...
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Ep 3. Paul Ainsworth (p1)

A name that rolls off the tongue as one of the most famous chefs in Cornwall, Paul is the talent ...
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Ep 2. Chef Chris McClurg

The Head Chef at the prestigious Paul Ainsworth at No.6, Chris was born and raised in Belfast. He...
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Ep 1. Chef John Walton

In episode 1, Group Executive Chef for Paul Ainsworth, John Walton, tells us about his favourite ...
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