Sea Fury 5L Mini Cask (Fresh Cask Beer)



5% ABV

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Enjoy brewery fresh cask beer delivered to your door. 

Sea Fury is an exceptional example of the Special Bitter beer style, offering substance and depth of flavour without compromising balance and drinkability. An aroma of inviting roasted and dark berry notes gives way to sumptuous, fruity, malty flavour and a moreish hop finish.

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Sea Fury takes its inspiration from the stormy Atlantic seas that crash into the rugged Cornish coast during the long, dark winter. This exceptional beer was first brewed in 1996 to satisfy demand from local fishermen for a stronger ale to enjoy after long and perilous stints at sea.

  • World Beer Awards 'World's Best' 2021
  • World Beer Awards 'Country Winner' 2021
  • World Beer Awards 'World's Best' 2019
  • World Beer Awards 'Country Winner' 2019
  • Europeon Beer Star Silver 2019
  • The Global Beer Masters Silver 2019
  • International Beer Challenge Bronze 2019
  • International Beer Challenge (Tasting) Silver 2016
  • International Beer Challenge Silver 2016
  • The Beer Awards - 3 Star Beer 2016
  • World Beer Awards 'World's Best' 2011

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Price includes delivery.