Chalky's Bite x15
Chalky's Bite x15
Chalky's Bite x15
Chalky's Bite x15


15 x 330ml BOTTLES

6.8% ABV

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In 2006, Rick Stein challenged Sharp’s to create a Cornish beer with the character and quality to stand alongside Belgian greats. Shortly after Chalky’s Bite was born. Named in honour of Rick’s infamous four-legged friend, this exceptional beer has since claimed multiple international brewing awards. 

Chalky’s Bite is conditioned on a bed of three hop varieties and fennel seeds for up to 30 days to create its distinctive aroma and flavour. Savour in a stemmed glass and pair with mackerel for an outstanding beer and food experience.

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  • World Beer Awards 'Country Winner' 2019
  • World Beer Awards 'Country Winner' 2017
  • World Beer Awards 'Europe's Best' 2014
  • World Beer Awards 'World's Best' 2011
  • World Beer Awards 'World's Best' 2010
  • World Beer Awards 'World's Best' 2009

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