WITH TIGER PRAWNS BY Stephane Delourme

A recipe created by Stephane Delourme, this is a great spring or summer dish. It’s easy to do on a BBQ and goes very well with a beer. The flavours of the fish and the zing of the beer are a good marriage.

Hailing from Quiberon in Brittany, Stephane has always had a penchant for the coast and grew up eating Fruits de Mer instead of Sunday roast. Working in Dublin, Paris and London, he always focussed his cooking around fish and shellfish, honing the skills that led him to become Head Chef at Stein’s Seafood Restaurant – a position he held for over 20 years. More recently he's become Group Chef across all of Rick Stein's restaurants. His relationship with Sharp’s has blossomed since we worked together to develop Chalky’s Bite in 2006, and since then matching beer with food is a natural part of the dining scene at Stein’s. Stephane believes that beer drinking is in the British DNA and the right beers pair wonderfully with seafood.