Mixed 7


4x 500ml & 3 x 330ml BOTTLES / CAN

4.3% - 6.8% ABV

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Get a taste for Sharp’s with our most popular, easy-drinking beers, selected to give a great introduction to our versatile brewing styles. The case includes Doom Bar, Atlantic, Offshore, and Chalky's Bite

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Our Brewery, situated on the North Cornish Coast, is a unique place. There’s a certain kind of unavoidable energy. Something intrinsically Cornish, something inspired by being among the elements. Air, sea, rock; they surround our brewers who live on this stretch of coast. Looking out over the vast Atlantic, it is the ideal space to create exceptional beers that speak of where we come from. Every one of us has a passion for the place that makes its way into every drop of beer we make.

  • Doom Bar 2x 500ml bottles (4.3%)
  • Chalky's Bite 1x 330ml bottle (6.8%)
  • Atlantic 2x 500ml Bottle (4.5%)
  • Offshore 2 x 330ml Can (4.8%)


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