Doom Bar Pancakes

By Zack Hawke


Mix things up and use beer in your batter to make the perfect pancake. Zack's used Doom Bar in these and suggests serving them with crispy bacon and maple syrup, but this simple recipe works just as well with other sweet or savoury toppings like the amazing raspberry, blueberry and syrup combo pictured. 

Having grown up in the surfing Mecca of Newquay, Zack Hawke trained under Nick Hodges at Lusty Glaze Beach, and has worked for Nathan Outlaw for over five years. Former Head Chef at The Mariners, he focuses on using the best ingredients and “doesn’t mess around with them”, because “Cornwall has the finest suppliers and produce in the country”. Since he started at The Mariners, Zack has been working with Ed Hughes, experimenting with beer and food, and working with the complexities of both to come up with the perfect match.