Excited to have launched our first Hazy cask beer

A new wave of cask is here…We’re excited to launch our first ever nationally available hazy cask beer, Solar Wave.

Brewed at our home in Rock, Cornwall, Solar Wave will hit the UK pubs from April 2023 and comes as demand for hazy beers and IPAs continues to rise – styles favoured by drinkers in the craft beer category, which has grown by 68% since 2018.

In cask, the prominence of IPAs, pale and golden beers have also increased, now accounting for 27.5% of the overall category.

Our new hazy cask IPA aims to deliver the big, tropical hop aromas associated with new-world beers, and a style and brand identity that stands out against more traditional-looking cask ales.

Supporting the launch will be bespoke glassware and vibrant on-pump branding that grabs the attention of drinkers and gives the brand a distinctive look and feel

.Aaron McClure, our head brewer, said: “Solar Wave is a delicious, golden, juicy IPA brewed to hit the sweet spot between fruitiness and hop bitterness. We’re bringing something new and exciting to the cask category by using new-world hops from cutting-edge suppliers, such as Cryo hops from Yakima Chief, to produce a beer with an enormous tropical aroma. It’s the perfect balance between what existing ale drinkers want and the bold, exciting flavours needed to attract new people to cask.

“Cask innovation is central to what we do here in Rock. We have a dedicated pilot brewery where we have produced over fifty awesome beers since it was commissioned in 2016. Solar Wave is the perfect example of that experimentation in action and we’re so excited to be able to bring this beer to market on a bigger scale.”

As well as innovating with different beer styles, flavours and ingredients, we have a long history of collaborating with quality partners. This includes Rick Stein, Paul Ainsworth, world-renowned Cornwall Vineyard Camel Valley and Cornish gin maker Tarquin’s.

As a portfolio, our beer’s have won over 150 international brewing awards.

Can't find it yet in your local pub? Click here to order a mini cask for home delivery.