solar wave

gains vegan certification

Solar Wave, our first nationally available cask hazy IPA, has gained the vegan certification from the Vegetarian Society – our brewery’s first beer ever to do so.

Brewed at our home in Rock, Cornwall, our new hazy IPA hit the on-trade in April and has already seen incredible demand from drinkers across the country.

With Solar Wave, we were on a mission to create our first at-scale cask hazy IPA, with an ‘enormous’ flavour profile, in turn unlocking a wider, more diverse, and often younger, demographic.

“Our primary focus was always on the hazy style, and the bold flavours, taste, quality and consistency, however the opportunity to create our first fully Vegetarian Society certified vegan beer was also a key inspiration for all of us in the Sharp’s brewhouse. Not only does Solar Wave bring an unexpected ‘disruptor’ to our pin-sharp portfolio, it also delivers the vegan benefit and the way we brew adds major flexibility for the landlord and landlady. This flexibility is down to the hazy brewing and presentation, unlocking a huge functionality and versatility across storage, temperature and dispense for the outlet.”

Our team has also continued to innovate, not just with the bold aesthetic of Solar Wave, purposefully developed to stand out against more traditional-looking cask ales, but also in its bespoke shaped glassware that looks and feels great in the hand, with the shape allowing the aromas to come through and the haze to display brilliantly.

Our introduction of Solar Wave has been perfectly timed as the demand for hazy beers and IPAs continues to rise - by 68% since 2012. Meanwhile in cask, the prominence of IPAs, pale and golden accounts for 27.5% of the overall category.