Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin 70cl Bottle

70cl NRB

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Blackwood’s is a premium vintage gin made in small batches using a traditional copper pot still in the UK. Blackwood’s vintage is a strong, traditional juniper led gin with well-balanced citrus and spice, complemented by delicate floral top notes. Shetland botanicals are infused with juniper, coriander and other botanicals, including lime, before being steeped in natural mineral water to release their gentle flavours to give the gin its unique and complex character. For each vintage bottle, the botanicals are harvested by hand – changing slightly with each harvest due to the quality and quantity available. Other gins strive for consistency year by year, but Blackwood's allows the flavour to slightly vary so specifies the year the Shetland botanicals were gathered 'the vintage', on the bottle's label.