Pravha Czech Pilsner

12 x 330ml BOTTLES

4% ABV

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Pravha is the best of both worlds. All the bold flavour of a high quality Czech pilsner, perfectly balanced with an unexpectedly light and refreshing taste.

BORN OF PRAGUE -Both in name and restless spirit, Pravha is truly born of Prague. Prague’s bold spirit was forged from revolutions of the past. Where creativity and a desire for independence ended an age of conformity and ushered in a bold new era of self expression and freedom. This unique spirit is still at the heart of Pravha today.

FROM THE BREWERS OF STAROPRAMEN - Staropramen’s master brewers have always challenged traditional brewing techniques in search of the perfect pilsner. Putting their brewing expertise and quality Czech ingredients to the task, they set out to do the impossible, to create a pilsner that is refreshingly light tasting and full flavoured at the same time. The unique taste of Pravha was born.

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Pravha - Bold flavour balanced with a light, refreshing taste makes this beer the perfect after work drink. So start you evening with a chilled Pravha alongside some moreish salty snacks, like a Czech pretzel!


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