Offshore Hoptail Gift Pack
Offshore Hoptail Gift Pack
Offshore Hoptail Gift Pack
Offshore Hoptail Gift Pack

Offshore Hoptail Set

12 x 330 ml Can(s), 1x 70cl Gin, 2 x Glasses & Recipe card

4.3% - 38% ABV

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Know somebody that loves Tarquin's Gin and Offshore Pilsner? This is the ultimate gift pack designed for gin and beer lovers alike. 

Our very own Ed Hughes, Sharp’s beer sommelier extraordinaire, shares his recipe for a cracking Beer & Gin cocktail and this gift pack sets you up to replicate it in your own home. Taking the classic Tom Collins, this beer infused alternative calls for Tarquin’s 'The Hopster' Gin, our collaboration with Southwestern Distillery. The use of specific hops lifts the citrus of both the lime and beer in this taste-of-Cornwall cocktail and switching the soda water for Offshore Pilsner completes the hoppy tones.

This Gift pack includes:

12 x Offshore Pilsner (330ml)

1 x Tarquin's x Sharp's, Hopster Gin (750ml)

2 x Tarquin's High Ball Glasses (RRP £10 each)

1 x Hopster Collins, Recipe card

A must try for all Gin and Beer lovers!

Please drink responsibly.


This specially created gift packs give you almost everything you need to be able to make our 'Hopster Collins' Hoptail at home.

Just follow the recipe on the card provided, sit back and enjoy this tasty beer and gin based drink.

The only additons you'll need to complete this Beer Cocktail are some fresh lemons and some sugar syrup. We find a 50 / 50 mix of caster sugar and boiling water works just fine, be very careful when mixing and allow to cool before using. You can also buy premixed Sugar Syrup or Gomme in most major food retailers.


Offshore Pilsner was born on the rugged north coast of Cornwall, where hardy surfers seize rare moments to catch perfect waves when the wind turns offshore.

Like the feeling of sea spray on your face, the bracing refreshment of a cool Offshore reminds us to be alive to the moment – to grab opportunities for good times with good friends when perfect conditions come together.

Like the surfers’ looking out from the shore, our brewers search for perfection in the balance of continental hops and Czech yeast in Offshore, which gives our pilsner a super clean, uniquely refreshing taste. As satisfying as that perfect wave…. well almost.

Hopster Gin - A contemporary take on a classic London Dry, The Hopster gin is distilled by hand in tiny batches using three unique copper pot stills called Tamara, Senara and Ferrara.

This special, limited edition gin is hand-crafted by Tarquin's, in collaboration with Sharp’s Brewery. The Hopster is distilled with three types of specially selected aromatic hops; pilot, cascade and crystal.

Tarquin's rigorously nose and taste every batch before hand-filling, sealing, labelling, signing and inspecting each bottle for you to enjoy. 


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