La Trappe Blond


6 x 330ml BOTTLES

6.5% ABV

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Aromas include notes of lime and citrus as well as fresh hops whilst the taste is subtly sweet and sour with a nice soft bitterness. Simplicity is the key to this medium-bodied Trappist Blond and its gorgeous balance of flavours give this beer a refined drinkability.

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There are only 10 Trappist breweries in the world: six in Belgium, 1 in the USA, 1 in Austria, and 2 in the Netherlands-including the Brewery de Koningshoeven and home of La Trappe. The friars handed over production to commercial brewers in the middle of the last century but retook control and began making Trappist style beers in 1980. It goes without saying that only natural ingredients are used in the production according to a recipe developed by the monks which utilises water from its own source.

The La Trappe family of beers is brewed at the De Koningshoeven Brewery—the only certified Dutch Trappist brewery. Brewing within the walls of the Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven Abbey since 1884, the La Trappe Blond Trappist ale is a well-balanced Golden Ale.

  • Dutch Beer Challenge 'First Place' 2019
  • Brussels Beer Challenge 'First Place' 2018
  • European Beer Star 'First Place' 2018
  • European Beer Star 'First Place' 2017
  • World Beer Cup 'First Place' 2016
  • European Beer Star 'First Place' 2016

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