Aval Dor Cornish Christmas Pudding Vodka 70cl



40% ABV

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What Colwith Farm Distillery have to say....


This festive season our Founder ventured back into the distillery lab to lovingly craft this rich and decadent Christmassy vodka.

In total we selected no less than nine exotic fruits, including raisins, currants and sultanas, and let them gently infuse their complex, sweet flavours into our award winning vodka. And if this wasn’t enough, we hand-peeled fifty oranges and let their zesty rinds add another layer of festive flavour to this luxurious spirit.

  • Tasting Note - lashings of fresh, fragrant orange up front dissipates gently into rich and exotic candied fruits. Finishing long with hints of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg spice.

  • Perfect Serve - best revered neat over ice or served in a your favourite ice-filled rocks glass, topped with premium ginger ale, a dash of bitters, garnished with a cinnamon quill.

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Whereas most distilleries buy-in mass produced ethanol, at Colwith Farm Distillery, everything is delicately produced from scratch, on a single estate. In terms of provenance, authenticity and quality, put simply, it doesn't get any better.

Our crops are are grown within a few miles of the distillery. Thereafter, every step of the production process is delicately carried out in-house. 

From preparing the wash, fermenting, distilling, rectifying and finally bottling. Even the water used in the production process rises from an aquifer situated beneath the distillery. It is much more challenging, time consuming and costly to produce spirits this way - but we truly believe it's worth it.


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