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An important message to all of our valued brewery shop customers. Due to the current situation around COVID -19 we have decided to temporarily close the brewery shop in Rock as of Wednesday 18th March.

This has not been an easy decision to make but has been made not only in the interests of our employees and the wider local community, but also our overall business.

In health and safety terms, Sharp’s is classed as a ‘food manufacturing site’ and as such we need to implement precautions that perhaps other shops are exempt from, in order to minimise the risks and enable us to continue to brew our wonderful beer.

Online Shop Open for business:

We're pleased to announce that our online stores is once again open for business. We've undertaken extra safety and hygiene measures and are now fulfilling website orders from the Brewery in Rock for delivery by ParcelForce.

All orders will be fulfilled by Dave and Sarah who have both agreed to come in and work to our new safety and hygiene measures. We have changed our visitor centre to act as a holding warehouse and we will continue to operate out of our dispatch area ensuring the social distancing rules are being upheld at all times.

Please see our full hygiene and safety measures below and please get in contact if you have any queries.

Increased Hygiene and Safety measures for Online orders:

Workers to wash their hands frequently, in particular before & after eating, smoking, drinking, blowing their nose, handling food & putting on PPE, using soap & water for at least 20 seconds, using a paper towel to dry their hands & to dispose of wet towels in the nearest suitable bin or use forced air driers.

  • Workers to be encouraged to use barrier creams for hand care due to extra hand washing.
  • Taps to be turned on & off using a paper towel to prevent direct contact with the tap.
  • Workers to respect the social distancing guidelines (>2 metres) & avoid any physical contact
  • Workers to wear freshly laundered workwear &/or change their workwear upon arrival & departure each day (where possible) – minimum of 40 Deg C wash & detergent kills the virus by the same principle as hand washing.
  • Workers to clean their workstations regularly using disposable wipes or spray, covering all relevant touch points.
  • Workers to use their own tools whenever possible and not to share their tools with others or wipe shared tools after use with wipes or spray.
  • Workers to ensure all cuts & grazes are covered with appropriate plasters or bandages.
  • Workers to ensure that no food or drinks are left on site.
  • Organisational Measures:
  • Don’t allow people onto the shop floor unless absolutely necessary
  • Only allow essential/key workers onsite, necessary to keep the site operational.
  • Implement the social distancing guidelines - Distance people from each other >2 metres inside or outside (so that workers are not in the breathing zone of others), including segregating work stations by >2 metres.
  • Stagger breaks, such that people are not together during their breaks, including smoking places.
  • Fork Lift drivers to use the same trucks & do not interchange (where possible), then sanitise surfaces when swapping shifts or at changeover – e.g. cabs, controls, steering wheel, etc.
  • Limit the number of workers using changing rooms & other welfare facilities at any one time to maintain the social distancing guidelines.
  • Where PPE is required it must be stored securely & not shared with others.
  • Ensure sufficient bins are in place & routinely emptied/wiped down, using foot-operated bins where possible
  • Anyone who feels unwell and is showing coronavirus symptoms is to leave site immediately & return home to self isolate, informing their Line Manager to ensure their job is covered or stopped in a safe condition & to ensure decontamination is performed.
  • External delivery drivers to be prevented from moving around site (e.g. keep drivers in cabs or in designated areas), with each incoming driver issued with a set of site rules (specifying the social distancing guidelines) & drivers must complete the health screening questionnaire.
  • Stop non-critical deliveries & stop any non-essential visitors or contractors coming onto site & ensure essential visitors & contractors complete the health screening questionnaire prior to entry.
  • Encourage employees to drink regularly to keep hydrated & eat healthily.
Most importantly be kind, stay safe and look after each other.


Shop team